First time using Gadgeteer - Cannot update firmware


I discovered this part of the world recently and am now playing with a FEZ spider.

I have managed to write some simple code for the spider in Visual c#, but it says the firmware is the wrong version.,

So I have used fez config and it says I have no firmware… When I go to update the firmware, it gives me a problem.

IT goes to check the signature of the device and it fails everytime. I cannot figure out how to update this manually as everytime i do my research, i end up on the same support page…

Some photos are attached, anyone have any ideas for what the problem could be?


BTW, i did not unplug or touch anything…

Not sure why it says interrupted.

I have done it yesterday and today over 5 times, and it gives that error everytime

Thankyou for the welcoming and quick response…

I had tried this before, but thought id re-download and try again, just in case…

and its worked and says it updatec both booter and firmware… although under fez config it still says:

Connecting to device…EMX_Gadgeteer
Loader (TinyBooter) Version:
Firmware (TinyCLR) Version: Not available.
Connecting to device…EMX_Gadgeteer
Loader (TinyBooter) Version:
Firmware (TinyCLR) Version: Not available.


And let me just add that I have never managed to update Spider firmware with anything else than Teraterm… the legacy updaters only works for some people.

Check the and stay focused when doing it. Its easy if you concentrate, and keeps re-trying if it fails. I normally try 2-7 times before succeeding.

hmm, cross posted. It looks like you have the right version of tinybooter, but needs the firmware. That part should be easy with FezConfig013, so I dont understand what might be the problem.

Yeah, I have latest SDKs

I managed to update firmware with Fez Config so its now got

Tinybooter version:
Firmeware TinyFLR version:L

Although, the name of my device has changed from EMX_Gadgeteer to EMX_EMX is this a problem?

I have tried to run a simple program in visual c# although I now get the eriorr that it cannot see the device

Yeah, worked perfectly.

Thanks for the quick help everyone. Now I can just experiment and have some fun with this thing.

Thanks a lot!

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I’m not @ work right now, and I don’t have a device to connect here; so, this is from an old guys memory: if you want to avoid the usb->serial, serial->usb switching, go into FEZ Config, go to Deployment Advanced, where it says “friendly name” make sure it says “gadgeteer”; if doesn’t enter it that way. Tell Fez config to do it. – The friendly name is part of the USB name and will allow visual studio to (in most cases) recognize your device automatically.

@ Jeff - note to self: need to document this even though next version of FEZ Config will do it when it updates the firmware.