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First spider pic - my dog Benny


Here’s a picture of my 14 year old Jack Russell Terrier mix. It’s my first (decent) picture taken with the Spider camera module.


Your dog doesn’t look impressed. ;D


Nope, I woke him up for the shot. He doesn’t impress easily. A bit of the ‘old dog grumpies’ :slight_smile:

BTW - How’s Charlie doing? Adjusting well as the newest(?) member of your family?


He is doing great! Very happy puppy! Thanks for asking.


So who will make us a time-lapse project with spider?


Most likely I will need it to test something in the middle of “time-lapsing” and will have to start over. :smiley:



The real challenge if you generate mjpg file format. I am sure every spider user would want to try it. I know I want to!!


Time lapse of my dog sleeping? Not very exciting :slight_smile: Where are you hiding the design files for the acrylic enclosure used in your camera demo? I’m game, but need to come up with some kind of stable, yet adjustable mount for the camera.

On mjpg:

Sure thing, I’ll get right on that! Hah!


See this