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First project just finished :)


Wired in a 128x64 LCD and a thermometer, wow, now i have a digital thermometer that says Hello World :slight_smile:

Forgot to order component shields, and probably UEXT LCD is easier to plug in, but it was still easy - about 3 hours for all the thing.

Gonna order a ChipworkX and make a GPS/WiFi-enabled webcam module :slight_smile:


You can’t tease us like that and not post some pictures!


Good job wizzard0,

My first little project was a Temp component with the RS232 shield that told a C# Windows Form what the temp was when you clicked a button. Still working with it to have the Windows Form ask the Panda what the Temp is, or better yet figure out the interrupt stuff and have it update automatically ever so many seconds. (My overall task is to have the computer talk to FEZ via RS232).

Took my longer than 3 hours so far though…lol


Heh, i think a temp sensor has to be the step after hello world (flashing led) for everyone lol.


Temp sensor?

Meh. No. :slight_smile:

Ultrasonic range sensor, with the color LED showing proximity by fading green thru’ red.



Sorry about the absense of pics, need to get my camera fixed first :wink:

By the way, anyone has ideas of how to make a keypad? I wonder why there is no such thing in the components, it should be pretty common feature to have…

I’m thinking about making 5-10 buttons and a diode matrix, for each key to ground corresponding IO pin, and a common “onkeydown” pin with interrupt feature - one for the key block, because we have many i/o pins, but only a handful of interrupt-enabled ones.

Hmmm, where do i take the keypad from? :slight_smile:


If you had a Domino, you could connect any USB key board :slight_smile:


Well, yes, but I initially thought it would be a completely headless device, with LCD only for monitoring purposes (thermometer, 10Amp relays and a “mode” switch for controlling heaters)