First of May

“Are we there yet?”

"Are we there yet? "

“When are we going to be there?”

“Are we there yet?”

“I have to go the bathroom.”

Yes that is the date… a very exiting date!

This is what I expect on May 1st.

@ Mike - That is May 9th. May 1st is more like this:

@ Architect - I have to brush up on my Russian holidays. :-[

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Interesting, that is the second time I see someone making a reference to Russian army out of context in this forum recently :think:

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@ iamin - I thought I was in context. :’(

I too thought May day in Russia was on May 1.

When I studied pa-russki In college we had a big celebration on may 1. Borscht, some ballet videos and a lesson on how to disassemble and clean an ak47. I was ochen ploxo at it.

Given the whole putin mad dictator downward spiral thing going on the Russian army is
a meme now I think.

@ Mike - Is this the US version? :smiley:

I am wondering if something around Windows 10 will be announced?

Well, as may have already been noted, //BUILD does wrap up on May 1st, so if something happens to be embargoed until the conference…

No, I don’t know anything, but the timing seems apt to be more than coincidence. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. :slight_smile:

I start my new job on the 4th.

This is what will happen. Microsoft will make a huge announcement. GHI will make a huge announcement. I’ll suddenly have new software to download and play with. There will suddenly be some new hardware to play with. I will order some and it will arrive the following week just after I start my new job. And I wont be able to play with until 2018. I just know it!


@ mtylerjr - Congratulations on the new job. :clap:

I’m holding off placing my next order until after the 1st May as I’m now expecting some new toys to play with. ;D

The new toys will be announced on Msy 1st.
When will they be available you might ask: Soon :whistle:

May the fourth be with you on your first day

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@ Gus, At least tell me if I should hold off an purchasing a BeableBone Black for my commercial product. I’m already modeling it into the CAD and I would prefer to not work on that aspect if there is something better coming in 8 days.

[url][/url] ← Is the first of May going to affect this Gus?

Okay, it’s been a month.

What else you got??