First .NET Micro Framework App (mini-PACMAN)


I am real excited, I just received my FEZ Spider Kit + eBlock kit, this weekend being a long weekend I took the time to write something familiar just to acquaint myself with the framework and the components.

Here is a mini-PACMAN, I used the FEZ Spider, the T35 Display and the joystick. This was a project of multiple firsts, my first .NET MF work and my first youtube video, I did it on the cheap and just used my webcam + VLC to capture the video.

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Great start man, keep up the good work. We look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

And welcome to the community!

You can’t tease us like that without posting code :slight_smile:

It is okay as our code section is under construction this week.

Welcome to the club.

Hi Gus, Skewworks,

Thanks for the welcome.

Gus, I will gladly share the code. Of course it is a little bit of a mess at the moment, but what the heck.

Best Regards,


Great Job!

Great work!

This is way beyond a hello world app :wink: Great work and welcome to the commuity!

Yeha big welcome Chris, look great !

Also it seems that you earned some respect points from Skewworks - that’s something 8)

Thanks all for the kind welcome.

Gralin, I have been lurking the forums for sometime (I have been thinking about getting a kit for years), and I feel quite honored that people of the caliber of Skewworks and yourself have noticed what I have done.

This makes me even more excited to share the code, it would be great to get some input from the community. And that will be another first, I have never publicly shared any code that I have written so of course I feel a little anxious about that :slight_smile:

This, is not “hello world”, but I am not new to development either, just new to the Micro Framework and the hardware side of it. I hope to try my hand on the hardware side as well.

Wouter Huysentruit,

I want to get more familiar with the ARM assembly, I am reasonably familiar with x86 and Z80 so I am not totally in the dark on the subject. In my wanderings on the site learning about RLP, I noticed some stuff that you did sometime back (rotation of an image on the display) and I was wondering if you could point me to a good reference.

Thanks and Best Regards,


I guess “hello world” is a relative term and to some it’s printing a message on the screen and to others it’s making a simple arcade game.

Wow… That’s one serious first app. Can’t wait to see what you do after you know what you’re doing :wink: Great job!

Welcome to the community!


My hat is off to you, man.

Awesome project for a first one! Very warm welcome indeed!

@ taylorza Now that is what i call a show stopper! Very very cool especially as a first work. Welcome to the community, i think your a going to love it here :slight_smile:

Fantastic stuff. Like others, can’t see what else you come up with.

The folks over at may really like this to put on their examples page as well.

You really need to order one of the mini arcade enclosures for this. :slight_smile: Some custom Pac Man decals would really make it rock!

@ ianlee74, mmm that is a cool idea. I did not realize that those rigs could be ordered.

Might be fun to build a tiny game console with a few classic arcade games. Damn, now I need to finish the game :slight_smile:

Where can I order a mini arcade enclosure? Is it something GHI sells?

While I am asking, I see in the videos many of you have cool perforated boards that you have all your modules mounted on, can those be ordered? I can see my wife is already starting to wonder if I am going to ever get some order to the chaos that is my desk.

@ HughB, thanks for welcoming me.

I see from your profile you are in the UK, can you suggest any good sources I can order online electronic components from?

There are no local suppliers for .NETMF hardware in Cyprus and I would like to avoid the import duties by ordering from within Europe, so if you have any suppliers that you or anyone else on the Forum could recommend I would appreciate it.

taylorza - Welcome.

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