First Microsoft Store Gadgeteer Class in Calgary a Success!

Every Wednesday night at the Calgary Microsoft Store I’m teaching a Hands on Gadgeteer Introduction and last night was the first one and despite cranking my back earlier in the day it was a raging success. Can hardly wait for next Wednesday to do it again as the classes are pretty much fully booked up for next two months (as long as we originally schedule them for so we will likely have to add more classes).

A number of customers who came into the store saw a little of what was going on and wanted to sign up as well, and a school approached us last night as they wanted this class taught to their students, so Gadgeteer is busting loose in Calgary!!

Might I also add a big thanks to the staff at the Microsoft Store as they have been really helpful in making this possible.


@ Duke Nukem - Congratulations on the success of the classes, it looks like it was and is going to be a lot of fun. Keep flying the Gadgeteer flag!

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yeah huge congrats.

The Microsoft Store classroom areas are an awesome thing are they not !

Fantastic, love it :slight_smile:

@ Gus - Couldn’t have done it without you guys, thanks for the help and support and for making Gadgeteer so freaking great.


@ Duke Nukem - I know you spent alot of time trying to make this happen so congratulations on the first class being so successful! :clap:

@ Duke Nukem - Nicely done!

Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Question…the massive laptop with the red trim…yours? Or the store’s?

@ devhammer - The massive Alienware Laptop is mine, as I like really big screens. If they only made a 20" laptop…

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@ Duke Nukem - Congratulations!

@ Duke Nukem


Looks great! We do a Gadgeteer workshop for potential applicants on our degree programmes. I’m sure what you do in this class is far more interesting than our workshop task Duke! Would you be happy to share what you do in these classes (slides/source code) so others can hopefully duplicate your success with Gadgeteer?



Great initiative !!

I’d like to do the same in Italy.


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@ Gary

It would be great is GHI can create a Sub Forum/Board specific to presentations so people can share their presentations, where others can translate, update and use.
This will definitely speed things up in terms of awareness. what do you all think?

Congratulations @ Duke :slight_smile: great work!



awesome… the Duke has it all :slight_smile:

Congrats !

Forums here are a closed community with almost no external discoverability. I’d like to see stuff posted here, but at the same time:

  • Videos on YouTube. For many people these days, if it’s not on YouTube, it doesn’t exist.

  • Share with the Gadgeteer Facebook account. We’re ramping this back up and it has a bit more to go before we make a big announcement about it, but I’d love to see more great stuff there. Redirecting...



Great job, Duke!

What a great lab area, too! Hopefully, one of these days Microsoft will open a store in Nashville.