First impressions on mBuino

To start the thread

This awesome little board needs a user button. ;D

Now wait a minute… you already have the mBuino ? … GHI must have shipped you an early proto :slight_smile:

Lucky you.

Yeah, got lucky and got my hands on preproduction unit. ;D

Only if by “luck” you mean “contributed massively to the GHI community”


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To start the thread, can’t something good be said! :wink:

@ Gary - Is that better? :smiley:

I apologize for talking trash to the superhuman, @ Architect, can you look past this terrible lack of judgement this one time? ;D

@ Gary - Lol

I do like how easy it is to deploy. Press and hold the button and new drive window pops up. Drop the firmware.bin that was created in mbed compiler and you are done! Easy!

I didn’t need to install anything at all. I had create an account on to get access to the compiler. mbed web ide works great in IE10.

Nice… you did not have to go through the “… did u update with the latest firmware phase…” :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wish NETMF had something like that…

I do see some challenges for novice developers since there is no way to debug from mbed environment. On the other hand you can always do some led blinking debugging ;D

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Mbed in a nutshell.

Does the serial to SerialPC interface work on the mBuino? SerialPC - Handbook | Mbed

@ Mike - Haven’t tried that yet.

back we go to printf!

Maybe because it is a preproduction unit, but I can’t install the serial driver for it. It reports that No mbed Microcontrollers were found.

Maybe it does not support the SerialPC interface? Or perhaps, the USB device ID(s) are not set properly (I hope).

I believe Aron managed to get a serial interface working. He’s not here and I don’t have access to his project, so we’ll have to wait and see…

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Just made my own “USB prank” using mBuino. It is so easy. This is fun!

Now I see where the idea for Outrageous Circuits USB Prank ( ) came from :wink:

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@ Jeff - Sweet! When is he coming back? ;D