First impression!

I just unwrapped my Rolls-Royce like FEZ - hand built !

I put the latest firmware on it and selected the “FEZ Panda Application” on VS2010 and have my first LED blinky going.

Did some one say “Net…no” something ??? Panda will stomp that to the ground - Panada had freakin IO all over the place.

And for the Ard… no no, let us not compare. Please folks no more 8bit vs USBizi :slight_smile:

I think I can wire a Wiznet W5100 in MCU mode (14 Address lines, 8 data lines, RESET, /CS, /INT, /WR, /RD) and still be able to connect one of those expansion board and something on the UEXT and still have free pins.

For people planning to buy a chip and make a board … if you feel that the USBizi 100 pin is enough for your app - PLEASE buy the Panda - dont sweat over PCB design, manufacture or soldering.

Enjoy !

WOW! Thanks Rajesh :slight_smile:

You really understand the point behind FEZ Panda. I hope others will see it the same way. In a way it is sad that users compared FEZ Domino to Arduino where Domino offered 1000 thing over Arduino. So now, FEZ Panda is still offering 100 things over Arduino (and and other devices you mentioned) and 30+ more IOs … and it is about the same price… so, let see what others think

I can’t wait for the Panda, only wish it were available already.