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First FEZ-IMU Demo!


This is the first baby step towards a full working Quadcopter - testing the IMU!

On the computer screen it shows two Artificial Horizons. On the left, it’s the raw output from IMU Accelerometers, and Accelerometer/Gyroscope fused data on the right. The filter used here is the simplified Kalman filter developed by Starlino.

Things are getting more and more interesting!


Which IMU unit is that? the filter looks spot on.


It’s a 6 DoF ADIS16350 Digital IMU from Analog Devices. We salvaged from some senior design groups previously working on a similar project. This thing is expensive, however Starlino used an Analog one and it works for him.


holy crap that looks accurate! :o




Cool! ;D will you use this for rwar?


Chris: I would like to see how you will filter the result. Accelerometers and Gyroscopes are two little bad boys, you have to decide who to trust more to get better results.


Yep, using for RWAR. I don’t intend on filtering past the AHRS code. The data looks pretty clean already.