First Fez Board?

Gus, when was the first Fez board being born?

I remember when…


I remember finding out about Fez Domino and Mini around December 2009, and I think there wasn’t any stock at this stage. I got mine delivered to me while I was in the US in mid-late March 2010 timeframe.

Yep. There wasn’t a fixed date :frowning: GHI was very new to this new hacker world so things kept changing at beginning. We surly learned much in the past 2 years. So thank you awesome community.

Cool, did you know that U2 brought out a song that same year with the title: “Fez - Being Born” ?
It’s on the album “No Line on the Horizon”

What a coincidence…


from Wikipedia:

Damn :frowning:

Edit: Still, it was born in 2009, otherwise you were not able to sell on 9 Januari 2010 :wink:

You are right. We were try to release it on Christmas.

This is starting to sound like a chicken vs. egg debate :slight_smile: