First Annual Summer Madness Sale is Starting Today!

GHI is starting a new summer-sale tradition. Every summer, we will have a 2 week madness sale on some items. Take ChipworkX DevSys home for under $300. The internet of things kit plus FEZ Panda is less than $95, even FEZ Domino is on sale. CANxtra and FEZ Rhino are now under $50 each! Just too many to list here.

We hope you will enjoy this two week sale and take advantage of it

Sweet! Thanks!

Some really deep discounts. Nice!

Clearance items??? Why clearance?

Title was wrong. I fixed it.

This is sale not clearance.

Pfew thank god, I though you were discontinuing the fez line although you previously stated you wouldn’t :o


Why would we stop something that people love? :slight_smile:

FEZ is here to stay and grow further

@ Robert - nice monkey. do you own it or was that off the web? I’m thinkin’ GHI needs to track down a few cases of those and include one with every order over $100! He needs to be smiling, though :slight_smile:

LOL. I am looking for 3D model of the FEZ Monkey, so I can print it.

Glad you keep it, Gus ;D
Haha I wish I owned a fez monkey.
This one is of the internet.

Madness is right - amazing discounts. Submitted an order and got a tracking number in 30 minutes - freegin’ nice. Can’t wait to try the Domino at Panda II prices ;D.