Firmware updating bricking the device at times


We have multiple controllers using version Sometimes when they get firmware updated, they end up being bricked and we are required to manuel erease the software on them and reapply the firmware and application.
From testing it seems like it happens around every 20-ish update.
It does not seem to be part of our code that are causing the problem and thus we suspect that it might be caused by something in TinyCLR.
It there a way to fix this problem or get around it?

We need a bit more detail, like what device?

How did you update the devices? IFU or TinyCLR congfig?

The device is a SC20260.
It is updating using the InFIeldUpdate.

Some more information from more testing. It seems to happen around every 40-ish updates. Attempts with corrupted firmware/application have not caused the device to be bricked, however, after such attemps it failed to update when given valid firmware/application.

Currently, I am trying out version to see if a version change would fix the problem. Right now, it is at 43 attempts without bricking the device and it handles the corrupt updates too, but testing is still undergoing.


Where is the data coming from for the update? I am guessing a date corruption is the cause.

The data comes from my local computer and is transmitted to the device through the local network (The entire network is cabled).
Regarding data corruption, this has been tested. Both and handle corrupt data ( handled it better so far) without bricking the device (It is of course hard to say if corruption of the data at certain location(s) could cause more problems).

A update cycle is currently ongoing for the device with firmware and so far it has not bricked after 56 firmware upgrades, so as a minimum the newest version seems more stable, but the cycle update test will run for some more days to be sure.

Note, so far the cycle tests with have bricked three different devices (out of three tested) of the same type and all three have used the same setup.

We try to always focus on the latest release for many reasons. Please let us know if you need us to look into this further and what steps we should take.

Thanks, I will remember that, but it looks like we might just upgrade to the newest version.

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