Firmware update of FEZ Cobra I

Today I updated my old (non gadgeteer) FEZ Cobra I with the latest firmware.
Since doing that, the connected (also old) 7" display nog longer shows any text.
I think I remember something about the need to load older firmware, but cannot find the link on this website anymore.

I need to do an update of existing hardware in the field.
Maybe any of you guys can help me out?


You will need to download the package near the bottom under “Do you have a legacy product?”. If you updated it with the Cobra II firmware this would be the reason it is not working.

Since you need to update tiny booter and reconfigure LCD, a unattended update in the field will not be possible I think.
After updating the FW you need to configure the display with FEZCOnfig, because the later firmwares have no display configured by default.
This might be possible by code as well, but I not sure about this.

I believe, with the current EMX SDK, the LCD is not configured by default. You can use FEZConfig, which is included with SDK, to configure your LCD.

From GHI NETMF V4.1 SDK I loaded FEZ Cobra I with Tinybooter v4.1.6 and firmware v4.1.8 and that works fine. Used FEZ Config for that and selected the 4.1 loader and firmware instead of the 4.2 defaults.

I wonder, since FEZ Cobra I is based on EMX, is it possible to run FEZ Cobra I with the latest firmware ( Would that be a better idea instead of staying at the V4.1 firmware ?

Yes, it would be better to use the current 4.2 SDK for the EMX.

@ JdV - As a Cobra uses the EMX SoM, it will accept the newest firmware. The newer 4.2 SDK releases removed the screen being active by default so you will either need to use the FEZ Config to set the screen parameters or incorporate the LCD Config code into your program to set the LCD screen.

You can find the code and parameters for setting the CP7 here:

Thanks everyone for supporting me here!

Tinybooter and firmware deployed using FEZ Config.
Updated my sources from .NETMF 4.1 to 4.2
Deployed to FEZ Cobra I with the old 7" resistive touch display

It works, I’m happy now :wink: