Firmware (TinyCLR) Version: Not available

I need somme advice about TinyCLR.
I try the various procedure to update TinyBooter and TinyCLR and they all fail for TonyCLR. I got the following reponse for Fez Config “Firmware (TinyCLR) Version: Not available.” . I know the I am able to update the TinyBOOT . Did’I dammage some or the G120 in the process ?
Could I use a older firmware?

This just means that the Fez doesn’t have a CLR version installed at the moment. You can see that your device is reported as being in loader mode. Go to the advanced Menu and reboot the CLR, then reapply the firmware and you should be right.

@ alexing - have you tried to deploy an application yet? I think you might be ok.

I found someting wierd about the G120.On the first board that I was trying to update.I manage to un solder it and make basic connection POWER, USB ,LDR0,LDR1 and with do anytihng is start to work. I was able to programm it. But during my debugging process I assemble a another circuit with only the basic connection It work fine until and went I solder The SPI2 connection. But for the moment nothing is connect on the bus. There is no short because we are able to send information on the bus.

Did a need to place some strategic pull up /pull down?

By adding a pull down on pin 20 SPI2 MISO it seem to satifis some condition to let tinyCLR / CPU to RUN