Firmware checksum error by dev branch

I got this error message by dev-branch.

Error: the reference GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.Uart cannot be used with this version of the firmware.
Firmware checksum 0x3E687729 does not match the assembly checksum 0x8A8E94F6.

Could you tell me how to fix?

The code on the dev branch has checksums that change often to reflect the state of the libraries as they change. The libraries on NuGet can only be used with the code on the master branch

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Oh… I see.
Can I get Uart assembly for dev branch for develop?

Why not just use master branch?

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I think it is better to develop with the latest branch.

no, DEV branch is where breaking changes may happen. MASTER is the point-in-time, known-good release. Given you have seen the above error, that is caused by you trying to use parts of DEV and everything else from MASTER, it makes no sense to do this, you should just use MASTER…


Exactly what @Brett said. Dev will almost always be broken and only when it is complete we move to master.

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