Finishing Projects (Parts 1 & 2)

I’m finally finishing up projects and using up components!!!

Giraffe Music Box
First up I created a mirrored cube with a FEZ Spider, music module, LiPo, charger, barrel jack, SD module, stereo audio amplifier and metal ring lit button to create a quick little trinket that plays MP3s from it’s list randomly along with random images (10 per song) from the SD card.

Executive Terminal
Take one CP7 sans touch screen and an Apple Magic Keyboard, Cobra II WiFi, LiPo, charger, barrel jack and what do you get? An executive Vault Tec terminal of course! Base will be shiney black, case is a brushed metal with a vault-tec logo in black. Parts should arrive in a week or so.


@ Skewworks - What’s being displayed on the screen?

@ Mr. John Smith - On the cube? It’s me and my two sons mucking about each covering each other’s mouth. We were on vacation someone made a smart a** remark, I covered his mouth, made my own remark, the other covered my mouth and so on. :smiley:

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