Finding pins for Gadgeteer Sockets without using Gadgeteer Assemblies

I have a Cerbuino Bee to which I want to attach a Gadgeteer ENC28 module and a header module which will be configured as a software I2C port.

If I want to use the Gadgeteer assemblies I know how to do this using the diagram and that is all working.

However I am RAM constrained and with really only one Gadgeteer module I would like to skip all the overhead and use just NETMF.

I found the document which explains the networking part, along with the line of code:

and the instructions:  [quote]Make sure that you update the pins in the constructor to match your hardware setup.[/quote]

This is where I run into problems.

There is a posting where Gus explains how to get the Pin values using Gadgeteer.  I had actually already figured that out myself.

But I have been unable to figure it out using just NETMF.  I have looked at the schematics of the module and mainboard, so I know all the pins on the sockets I want to use and what they are connected to on the processor, but I don't know how to use that to get the needed values for the Pin enumeration.

Can someone post a fragment to show how to get those Pin values or point me to where I can find it.

Thanks. is just an int so cast your pin back to that and you’re good. The pin numbering is PA0 to PA15 = 0 to 15, PB0-PB15=16-31, PC0-15=32-47, PD0-15=48-63. So if you want PB14 you can use:
Of course there is also this

@ Brett

Excellent thanks.