Finding methods in .netmf

Is there a listing of methods & classes included for .netmf???

for example, I read about stringformat & its hard to tell whether it is included in .netmf
Is there some sort of search (or better, a list) to look up such things? On MSDN you get hundred of hits, which does not quickly answer my question

I know drawrectangle is included, but I’d never know it from looking at msdn

I just want a complete list of the items included in .netmf

Look in the downloads section. There is a link there to the NETMF documentation, both the MS docs and hte docs for GHIs added functions.

Please be specific

The only link I see goes to a web page that is some sort of generic MSDN search…i want to see what is available in netmf (for example is stringformat method available in netmf?? ) I don’t see how the link you mention tells me the answer to … stringformat included in netmf: YES OR NO??

I do see a listing of api for net mf, but how do you speciifically search it?

Do you see the second section down where it says “API references”? See the attached image. The first two are what you want.

Thank you Jeff for the help.

Here are the links Jeff is talking about
The downloads & tutorials:

and for example here is the .NET Micro Framework API documentation from that page
[url]Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career

The supported .NET methods and classes are mentioned there.

Just a reminded: Community members like Jeff are thankfully spending time trying to help others and they don’t expect anything in return other than respect from other members. Thank you again Jeff.

[url]Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career is as good as it gets. Notice the community member feedback asking for a printable (implying searchable) version of this? That’s me.

I don’t think you are reading my messages…

for example,:

is drawrectangle method part of .netmf? How would you tell using the link you provided?

Is stringformat part of .netmf…how would you ABSOLUTELY tell (YES or NO) from the link you provided?

I find that goggling “micro framework methodx” usually brings up a reference to the correct method documentation.

Those links point you to the API documentation and available examples. You have to navigate to the namespace / class documentation and check if a method exists for a given version of the framework.

This is the way to ABSOLUTELY tell (YES or NO)

… you can do what Mike suggested to make it easier

… you can use the “Object Browser” in visual studio to walk through a class and view all the members

I would not expect to open & look through a hundred subfolders again & again to search for basic information…why isn’t there a way to search for such things?..googling gives all kinds of results & does not tell me whether it is included or not…

It would be ok to use MSDN, if you could specifiy to return ONLY search results that are part of .netmf

maybe a program could be written in .netmf to search itself !

… which as Rajesh says is called “Object Browser” in Visual Studio.

I feel your pain, brother. I suggest you go to and suggest some improvements to MSDN.

Can you point me at a sample of the type of documentation you are looking for?

As a professor I used to work for liked to say, “this is not fast food.” You have to put a bit of thought into what you are looking for and how to look for it. Investing some time in actually looking yourself, rather than wanting everything handed to you on a silver platter can haves its advantages though as you learn more about NETMF in the process. When you get to know NETMF a little better than it will be easier to find things.

If I were asking myself a question, the first thing I would do is use Bing/Google and search for “netmf drawrectangle” and see what I found. The searches returned might not directly answer my question but may point to where the built in graphics stuff is at in the API. Then I would look at the API to find what graphics support is available. If I’m still stuck after that I would ask a question here.

Maybe it’s time to put our hands together and create a nice looking NetMF poster like there is for .Net 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0

@ hoyt
It’s worse than you think :’(

If you find what you are looking for in the Microsoft API reference, then you still need to determine if the class / method / property are supported on the platform you are using (i.e., EMX or USBizi).

In general, everything is supported on large devices like emx. Usbizi has it all except native graphics and native TCP.

.[quote]… which as Rajesh says is called “Object Browser” in Visual Studio.[/quote]

I’ve even seen cases where there are object stubs in the browser but none of the methods are actually implemented. NETMF documentation has a long way to go to be on par with other .NET documentation.


I’ve been trying to remember… Someone had a question a few weeks ago on here and I was trying different things and wondered across it. It’ll come to me eventually. :think: