Find the image and win!

We thought we would make things a little more exciting around here :smiley: … There is a new FEZ coming late this year. The name we used is an animal and it’s not a monkey! If it is not a monkey, what could it be? The first person to find the image of the animal on TinyCLR will receive this new FEZ for free!

We have hidden an image of the animal on the website. Try to find it!

As guesses come in, we’ll answer with yes or no. If no one can find it within a week, more hints will be given :wink:

Don’t ask any questions about this new product. It is still being designed so we’re not sure what will be in this product. All we do know is, we want to make it so you’ill love it even more than you love Domino and Mini :stuck_out_tongue:

Fez Gorilla?

Ha ha, good guess! No it is not.
Also, you must find the hidden animal on the website. I will add this to the rules above

Please let me tell them! I can not keep a secret! :frowning:

Well, on the prototype shield large image, there is a quarter face down, so there’s an Eagle showing :slight_smile:

Nop that is not it

What about the FEZ Gulper Fish?
image at: Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!

It’s a long shot, but hey, it’s for a Free FEZ! :slight_smile:

Yeah and this is not any FEZ. It is teh new FEZ ??? :stuck_out_tongue: which is awesome!!

Nop, still wrong. I will make this a bit easier! The image is hidden on one of the product images right on this website.

Ah FEZ Cobra or FEZ Viper?
LCD Keypad Shield? :slight_smile:

FEZ Chimp perhaps?


FEZ Monk ??

Matt is the winner of the new FEZ Cobra! Wow Matt! How did you find it?!

Please contact us directly through email for the first FEZ Cobra pre-order!!

Well done Matt !

I’m hoping the IOs are exposed :slight_smile: (and still wondering how to get on the queue :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I was thinking perhaps the “Fez Eagle” as Matt did earlier, It appears pretty often :slight_smile:

Except I did even know about the contest until tonight when I was checking the forum.

You guys should have sent out a broadcast email so more folks would look. Also, it appears the contest might have been too easy since it was determined fairly quickly!


We thought it would be a week before someone finds it! We will make it more challanging next time

Hey Guys,
Actually it was a pretty tough challenge, and if I didn’t happen to have a slow day, I probably wouldn’t have found it. I went through the site a few times and was about to give up. Then I noticed a blob by the “hardware” top menu entry and thought that might be it, but it wasn’t.
I actually thought the LCD screen just had some scratches on it, and so i passed over it like 5 times!
In the end though, I still had to photoshop the heck out of it to figure out what it was. Looked like a cross between dumbo and a dragon! I do kinda feel bad that I killed the contest so early though. :frowning:
But I have a feeling though this won’t be the only one. Maybe next time hide something in a line of code?
The guys at GHI seem to really want to make sure their customers are happy and having fun. And of course, encourage them to visit the site and buy products. :slight_smile: I promise the cobra is going to a good home!

Sooo… Can you maybe hide some details about this board somewhere? I’d love to hear what this thing has to offer.

If it has built-in Ethernet I’ll buy…

Yes it has Ethernet, real Ethernet not wiznet.

“Yes it has Ethernet, real Ethernet not wiznet.”

I’ll be buying. Can you say if it has exposed IO?