Financial difficulties... selling some stuff

Okay, so living down here in shaky paradise has broken us financially. I’m working full time, but the salaries are so pitiful that we have gone from 40K savings to 10K in debt in 2 years. This week, My USA bank cut off my credit card for lack of a payment of around $200- my first missed payment.

We didnt expect that - we were kind of expecting to use the remaining 5K of credit on my card to pay for food and gas and rent and stuff for at least another month or two until I could find some additional contract work… but now we are in a bind. I need to sell about $200, receive the money in paypal, and then make a payment from there to my wells fargo account. I dont even have enough cash to get a diet coke until Friday.

So, I need to sell some of my stuff. I thought I would check in this forum to see if anyone would like some GHI stuff. I have a ton of other GHI stuff - these are just the bits that I can spare at the moment.

I will have to wait until I get home from work to list everything, but at the very least I know I have these for offer:

GHI Stuff:

Raptor Mainboard
Hyrdra+ Mainboard
Spider Mainboard
T43 Display Module
WiFi RS21 Module with Antenna
L1 Camera module
USB Serial Module
Hub AP5 Module
Compass Module
Music Module (discontinued)
Cerb40 II mainboard (discontinued)
Pulse InOut Module (discontinued)
Distance US3 Module (discontinued)

GPS Module (spoken for)
ParallelCNC Module (spoken for)
Fez Cream Pi Hat (spoken for)

Non GHI Stuff
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB (the new one) (spoken for)
Lidar-Lite V1 laser module with some nice custom acrylic mounts for mounting on gadgeteer spaced boards. (spoken for)
EasyVr 2.0 voice recognition shield (arduino) (spoken for)
BeagleBone Black with 4.3" CircuitCo LCD3 touch screen (currently running android 4.something) (spoken for)
[will add more stuff here later]

I’m hoping to get at least 50-75% of whatever these go for now. So that should still be a good discount, right? Keep in mind I’d be mailing from New Zealand.

So… if anyone is interested in any of this stuff? Help me out? Any offers for any of these things?

Also I have a legit Windows Office 2016 Professional License that I’m not using/never installed that I received through my Microsoft account. TradeMe made me take the listing down though, because, you know, Microsoft doesn’t like people listing those. Any Microsoft people here (pete), just ignore this paragraph, please. I never mentioned selling it. Just that I have it, okay? :smiley: [line]


Weird… I can’t edit my original post. I was going to add some more stuff to the list…

Does… anyone know why I cant edit my original post?

Gosh, boy this tugs at my heart strings (the bank card part esp.). Wish I could buy everything, prob take the Rpis off ya at the end of Feb at least.

Edit: When you say spoken for, you mean its gone already?

@ Mr. John Smith - Yep… Those things are gone.