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Final names


Lets see how you guys like these below. FEZ Gadgeteer Link was the winner but maybe we can shorten it.

+1 on the one(s) you like


FEZ Gadgeteer Link


FEZ GadgetLink




FEZ Link


remove FEZ from the name… Gadgeteer Link


Trademark issues with Glink? with Glink


This is getting more and more complicated. Can we go back to using animal names and be done with this :slight_smile:


You mean like FEZ Tapir?

Warning: Naked animal alert and some adult language.


FEZ Centipede


Maybe call it FEZ G-Rex. G for Gadgeteer and Rex for king. It sounds like T-Rex, the king of the Terrible Thunder Lizards. :slight_smile:


FEZ Node?


Does this mean ‘FEZ Raspberry Smoothie’ is back in the running?


Final … I don’t think that word means what you think it means.


I still like FEZ PC Extender…:wink:


The board is going to be made, so the name is copyright-safe and simple. FEZ Link.

Thank you guys for all the help and thanks to @ KeithWatt for suggesting the name :slight_smile:


If your are going with Fez Link, what about keeping with the animal names and making it FEZ Lynx?




Nice :slight_smile: Thanks Bob. You got it :wink:


FEZ Onixia, Onyxia
FEZ Sephira, Sephyra