File's LastWriteTime changes EVEN when the file is simply opened and closed

Whenever a file is opened (even if the file is marked as ReadOnly and is only opened for READ access) the file’s LastCreated and LastModified change.

I’m using a Cerb board to test this. I think it’s a NETMF PK problem…

Here’s my code…

FileInfo fa = new System.IO.FileInfo(Program.CurrentFile);
DateTime actualWriteTime = fa.LastWriteTime;
fa = null;

Debug.Print("actualWriteTime: " + actualWriteTime.Ticks);

FileStream fs = System.IO.File.OpenRead(Program.CurrentFile);

fs = null;

FileInfo fa2 = new System.IO.FileInfo(Program.CurrentFile);
DateTime actualWriteTime2 = fa2.LastWriteTime;
fa = null;

Debug.Print("actualWriteTime2: " + actualWriteTime2.Ticks);

My results are:
actualWriteTime: 130341076940000000
actualWriteTime2: 130341933840000000

Clearly these values should be the same.

So I traced down all the code that might modify the write time. Turns out the FAT_LogicDisk.cpp’s FAT_LogicDisk::GetFile method updates the LastWrite time.

The Write method also does, so I just commented out the “dirEntry->Set_DIR_WrtDate” lines in the GetFile method. …Maybe this isn’t the best solution, but magically it works now!!!

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I would report this on Netmf site.

Is that ?


@ untitled - That is interesting, I don’t have code n front of me now, but I wonder if the intent was not to set the last access time in GetFile.

I think the Open method always specifies CREATE_FILE.

Another bug, NETMF’s LastAccessed only stores the date, never the time. But before I think too hard, is that for a good reason? Am I missing some obvious reason why we wouldn’t want to store the time?

Wow, and System.IO.File.Move updates Created, Written and Accessed … why? A file is MOVED not changed. This info should be preserved right? Checkout FAT_LogicDisk.cpp’s Move method…

HRESULT FAT_LogicDisk::Move( LPCWSTR oldPath, LPCWSTR newPath )

    UINT32 oldPathLen, newPathLen;
    FAT_FILE srcFileInfo, destFileInfo;
    FAT_Directory* dirEntry;
    BYTE bytData[sizeof(FAT_Directory) - FAT_Directory::DIR_Name__size];

    TINYCLR_CHECK_HRESULT(FAT_Utility::ValidatePathLength( oldPath, &oldPathLen ));
    TINYCLR_CHECK_HRESULT(FAT_Utility::ValidatePathLength( newPath, &newPathLen ));

    dirEntry = GetFile( oldPath, oldPathLen, &srcFileInfo );

    //check src path legal

    // Store all the meta data, except the name
    memcpy( bytData, &dirEntry->DIR_Attr, sizeof(FAT_Directory) - FAT_Directory::DIR_Name__size );

    // Always create a file here, since we don't need it to allocate an extra cluster.
    dirEntry = GetFile( newPath, newPathLen, &destFileInfo, GetFile__CREATE_FILE | GetFile__FAIL_IF_EXISTS );


    // Copy the meta data from the temp storage
    memcpy( (void*)(&dirEntry->DIR_Attr), bytData, sizeof(FAT_Directory) - FAT_Directory::DIR_Name__size );

    UINT16 date,time;
    UINT8 timeTenth;

    FAT_Utility::GetCurrentFATTime( &date, &time, &timeTenth );

   // dirEntry->Set_DIR_CrtDate ( date ); //BS 1/14/14: Move should not change any of these dates.
   // dirEntry->Set_DIR_CrtTime ( time ); //BS 1/14/14: Move should not change any of these dates.
   // dirEntry->DIR_CrtTimeTenth = timeTenth; //BS 1/14/14: Move should not change any of these dates.
    //dirEntry->Set_DIR_WrtDate ( date ); //BS 1/14/14: Move should not change any of these dates.
    //dirEntry->Set_DIR_WrtTime ( time ); //BS 1/14/14: Move should not change any of these dates.
  //  dirEntry->Set_DIR_LstAccDate(date); //BS 1/14/14: Move should not change any of these dates.

    // Delete the old entry


Obviously I commented out that code on my version, I need that info to stay constant. My user’s view lists of files in folders on the SD card. They’re sorted by LastWritten, so the newest are on top.

@ untitled -

You’re right, at least move should not.

I do not believe this is a bug, originally FAT12 directory entries where defined as 32 bytes which persisted for FAT16 and FAT32, the compromise was made to store only the date for last access date.

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Yup, only the accessed date (not time) is saved…