FileInfo Issues

OK, OK, I know. It was great having me back until I starting bringing all this up but really it’s for the betterment of the firmware. Right? Right.

Here’s the latest thing I’ve found FileInfo will randomly change the times (Created, Accessed, Written) to June 1st 2011.

If I set the datetime to be today and download a file and check it’s date/time with FileInfo it is correct. If I take the SD card out, put in in a laptop and check, the date/time is still correct.

Now if I restart the board and get the same date/time from the same file with FileInfo it will randomly return 6/1/2011. If I stop the app and take the SD card out (without having written to the file or even opened the file) and put it into the laptop, sure enough, the dates all now reflect 6/1/2011.

No clue on this one. Have fun with the code hunt. :smiley:

For now, I guess I’ll have to find some way to augment my updater…

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It may be related to :

That would explain it, I think. I’m doing a read all bytes to load drivers into the appdomain including the driver for the RTC. I’ll just remove the RTC driver from the update list and make sure its loaded first.