File transfer using Panda and Bluetooth

Hi, im really new to Panda so forgive me for asking weird questions.

Is it possible to transfer files using bluetooth to an USB flash drive on the fez panda??

And is it possible to access the flash drive straight from windows explorer?

btw im using a serial bluetooth connection.

Thank you

@ CAIN - Welcome to the community.

Yes, with a hardware modification, Panda II can support USB Host, which is what a flash drive would use. You could stream the file via a serial bluetooth connection. Note that the bluetooth connection on a Panda cannot initiate a pairing. It is only a serial client. Your source device would have to be able to pair with the Panda. Why not use the built in SD card reader?

No, you can’t get to the flash drive with Windows Explorer while it is hooked to the Panda. You could write a Windows app to do this.