File i/o on the Panda II

Hi everyone

New to this forum and to working with the Panda II. I want to work with a “file” on the Panda II. That is I want to create a file, write something to it and save it. I also want to have that file persist after the board is rebooted (i.e.; power cycle). I have seen how you can do this using an SC Card.

What I am wondering is if I can do all of this without using an SD card?? IOWs I want to be able to create a (small) file in the same memory space as the loaded .EXE program.

.NET has a concept of “Isolated Storage” that lets you create/write/read a file but you don’t get to know where the location of the file is (its a security feature). I was hoping that concept was available on the Panda II.

So do I really need an SD card to do file i/o?


in NetMF you want to use a “persistent storage” method. SD card is one, but on USBizi chips there is a region of flash that can be used. The larger netmf devices use a concept called ExtendedWeakReference to persist settings.

Check out this code this is explicitly doing what you need, and doing it on USBizi chipset you have, and is a great way to manage the things you are trying to achieve.

Bingo! That’s exactly what I am looking for.

Thank-you very much!