File copy from pc to Device FEZ Hydra

Gadgeteer Configuration

  1. FEZ Hydra Main Board
  2. SD Card Module: SDCRD-GM-271
  3. Oled Dispaly Module
    4.USB client DP Module
    Application#1: This application will be installed on the PC. This application is developed using C#. This Application should copy a file from the PC to the SD card of the FEZ Hydra Device/Gadgeteer.
    what all solutions are there to this problem?
    which solution is better/best?


On hydra, which doesn’t have premium features, you need to add USB to serial module and then this will give you a COM port on your PC. You can then use that COM port through your application to send and interpret data however fits your needs best.

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If you have Network Connection you could use FTP which is included in the NETMF SDK.

@ Gus -
can you provide a detailed information on this. like any website or book or video

am using USBclientDP with my FEZ Hydra
Can i use USBclientDP as COM PORT

any body please provide solution

See my last reply please and here is a direct link

Also look under gadgeteer tutorials for PC communication please.

You are asking about USB client support, which I is a Premium library feature. So, the answer is no.