Just a quick question. Is there a reason that fezzer.com isn’t mentioned on the main tinyclr.com site? I’ve looked around the front page as well as the downloads section and FAQ. Just wanted to point out that it’s not all that accessible to new users who haven’t spent hours scouring the forums for information before ordering. Perhaps we could move the “Have you seen http://www.fezzer.com ? There are hundreds of ready-driver for you to use.” advertisement from the wiki to FEZ’s front page? Or perhaps list it under the references heading in the downloads?

I directed a new user to fezzer for the wii library tonight and his response was “looks like that is what I want, never heard of that site, where did you find it?”.



Do you have any snow in Watertown?

I went to college in Potsdam.

fezzer is very new and GHI has not completed it yet. It was out there for demonstration purposes only…but it looks to be in a good shape to announce and link from GHI websites.

…it will happen very very soon :slight_smile:


Actually yes, the first snow-fall to actually stick on the ground hit yesterday. I had an interesting time this morning watching it “thunder snow”, absolutely crazy show of thunder and lightning while it was snowing like mad yet the national weather service radar and maps showed no front moving through.


Thought you might have gotten snow.

de k2vpx

Hi guys,

I’m new to Fez, and was not sure if I should go with a Fez or not. I was worried that Fez doesn`t have a lot of drivers, until I run into the Fezzer website last weekend. That was the final push for me to order my Fez, which I’m waiting by the mailbox…

So I think that the Fezzer.com deserve a better visibility from the tinyclr website!

fezzer was just completed and we are about to link to it from all GHI websites :slight_smile: