Fezzer - Your project has been created. Your access level doesn't earn experience

I just created a new Interface on Fezzer and got this message:
“Your project has been created. Your access level doesn’t earn experience.”

What is that about? It made me laugh. Is Fezzer under construction or did I fall into a “special” category reserved for Bob?

must be a bug

Yeah, even editing an existing project gives the same message.

Now that GHI main website is up to date, we are ready to make GHI’s other websites better.

I think you can’t have blue hair and get points any longer. New management.

But, I don’t have blue hair right now. I did for a long time though - about 6 years or so. People still ask me when I am going to have it again.

Would like to see that too! :wink:
If it different from your Avatar? ::slight_smile:

Does the expected experience put you over Master, with its 6mo membership requirement?

I published only one lib on fezzer and it was some time ago, but it also didn’t erned any points for me ???

As Gus said, it must be a bug.

I just added some code without an issue. Maybe they fixed it.

I’ve updated a driver on Fezzer and got an error.

OH, I see it. Yeah, I was expecting something that looked more like an error message.

Yup same here. I’m sure Josh will get to it after Germany.

Me too I posted something yesterday and got he same message.