FEZZer not calculating points right

For some reason, FEZZer seems to always give 285 points. I had two entries that were fully filled out with video/image/etc and they were still under 350 points.

Also, if you add a video to a project after initial creation, you don’t get any extra points.

It could be that there is some other explanation for this, but it did seems that the points from Fezzer don’t come out the way I expect. Maybe there is a time lag of some sort. I uploaded a new project and it calculated points at 263 - but when I log out and then back in to TinyClr, it appeared that I only got about 50 points added. No big deal - it isn’t like anybody “owes” me points - but it always confuses me just a bit because I don’t quite know what to expect.

We will revisit fezzer very shortly…