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Fezzer: Lost points for editing?! WTF!


I was missing an enum in my code (it was in a different file) so i edited the post, i went from:

EXP Bonus: 4,161
EXP Bonus: 4,152

How does that work?

It looks like there are diminishing returns on submitting code, however surely you don’t penalised users for editing their code?


There are no diminishing returns on editing. If you remove things you’ll lose points, if you add something you’ll most likely gain points. Points are calculated based on valid C# markup. We may change how points are determined. For now it’s being tested as is. Which code did you edit?


distance sensor interface, to add the SensorMode enum.

I was getting 180xp for some classes (the distance sensor base or maxbotix) but after putting up the nintendo lib and only getting xp (with a really long description + sample code) and only getting 100 xp i figured i was getting diminishing returns.


How would you like to see points calculated?


i believe you, i just thought that there was diminishing returns :slight_smile:

It might be interesting to see how points get calculated though :wink: