Fezzer.com forum integration

Just an idea: Wouldn’t it be useful when someone posts something on fezzer, it will automatically generate a post on the forum in contributions?
Now I often check fezzer to see if there’s something new. And maybe the same can be done for the wiki?

Yeah that and maybe an RSS feed from the forum and from fezzer

Speaking of Fezzer (note for Fezzer webmaster)

I have just noticed that if you didn’t add video during creation of an entry and do it after through the edit feature, points are not added for adding videos.

Yes, please add this :slight_smile:

@ GHI did Architect’s issue get fixed or should I wait until I make my video before I post my new super-charged VS1053 driver?


It didn’t work for me during creation of my last entry as well. I had video ready (youtube), but got same points as with “no-video”.

No big deal, though.

True. Now I just need to find the time to actually test & upload the code. I know volume works but I haven’t tested bass, treble, time yet.

Upside: found I’ve still got 8 vacation days left…taking off Christmas Eve til the end of the year (as log as I can get it cleared) ;D