FEZtive module, perfect for the holidays

Addressable RGB LED to go across your room or even your house!!

Addressable RGB LED means you can control any LED individually to any color you like, hundreds of colors!

Did you ask if these can be chained to fill a whole wall with LED? Oh yes you can! Keep in mind that you can cut the LED strips in any length you want, make it small, make it large, make it colorful. This is why it is called festive, it is FEZtive :slight_smile:

Enjoy the tease and have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that there is circuitry on the module to make use of SPI chip select pin. This way you can connect these and still use SPI for other things.

SPI is very fast. You can almost build a whole wall and play video on it! We love LEDs as much as you do!

here is one from a distance. Keep in mind you can’t capture light nicely on cameras. You really have to see this in real life.

@ Gus - WS2801’s?

@ justin - they look like the lpd8806 strips.

Here’s a 24x8 grid i did awhile ago with these strips and some other micro. I have since ported the library to NETMF - it does the alphabet in 8x8. I’ve still got to add numbers and special characters. Once this module gets released, I’ll put it up on codeshare. Makes for a great marquee style scrolling sign. Gus is right - pictures don’t do these strips justice. They are really bright, and loads of fun.

@ ransomhall - yeah you might be right o wise one…
And here I was thinking I was the only RGB madman…

Lots of LED’s :slight_smile: ==> lots of ideas :slight_smile:

Not by a long shot :slight_smile: This guy and I got our blinky mad scientist on for Halloween.

@ brett - for the record, my outfit blinkies were running on a Panda.

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Wait till you see the DiscoCircle 6 rgb’s in a 37mm circle :smiley:

The least you could have done was fake substitute or photoshop in a Fez over that arduino :wink:

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I was going to buy some strips from Alibaba and do some blinkies. I even wrote an “emulator” to run on my T35 so I could work out my logic a bit ahead of time.

Will GHI be offering the strips as well?

Will these come presoldered?

Can one use multiple modules?

Everything that @ mhectorgato asked!!!

I can hardly wait and it was GHI delivery day here today, but there is always room for more goodies especially when they are this cool.

The timing couldn’t be better. I’ve been shopping around for these for the past few days. Had limited success with other light strips , any speculation as to the chip type or release date ?

Yes we will offer this with everything you need. We are really trying to get you this before the holidays. We can’t provide more info as things can change till then.

What chipset is used is not an important oint as we will give you the drivers needed. All you have to do is something like FEZtive.SetLED(ledNumber, red, green, blue);

Yes i’m well aware of that - i’m just curious as i’m just finishing off a project using 5m of the WS2801’s

@ Justin that would be another module I’m waiting for.

Question about the FEZtive module, how long a string can I drive with this? Could I drive a 15 meter string with it? Is there a max length (gotta put in landing lights for Santa Claus as I know he’ll be heavily ladened this year with GHI goodies)

Yes you can do 15 meters but you probably need to lower the SPI clock speed. Keep in mind that is 15x5 = 75 meters :slight_smile:

So does it have to be 5 strings (I’m not sure I have enough space for 5 on the Eavestrough/Fascia, I guess I could run different strings in different places but then I’d be worried about different lengths ie around the windows etc). I’ve also seen a rumor that some folks recommend power connections every 5 meters or so (want that big LED density). Chance that the FEZtive module will be daisy chainable?

Geeze Gus your a bugger for teases like this :slight_smile:

Why don’t we wait till product is out and details are available :slight_smile:

@ Gus - well Mr Nukem is a junkie and can’t wait the long…he will start sweating and get the shakes :smiley:

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