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FezTerm project


Uploaded FezTerm to project page.
(link removed)

Orig design is for cdc comm port, but could also work over hw serial port on your fez.


Thank you for your work ! :clap:


Well done William. That is exactly what I’m looking for. :dance:

One offtopic question. What program(s) do you use for video making, screen capture?


I can’t imagine you won’t get extra points for that :stuck_out_tongue:
Very good work! :clap:


500 points :slight_smile: but can you please add more description to the project please?


Thanks folks. Thanks for the points Gus.
@ RobotFreak. Video cap. I use MS Expression Encoder. Very cool program. You can get Expression via DreamSpark program (if you have a student or are) or other channels. I think you can buy it outright for 199.00 or something. Worth getting the pro version with h.264 and over 10minute live.

  1. Capture screen. Use a 16:9 capture ratio. Best for youtube widescreen so you don’t get black fill on sides. Either capture window size or screen rez. ie. 1280:720
  2. MS capture uses special encoding. Reencode that to a WMV of your quality needed.
    2.2) In MS Encoder, you can also capture a web cam at same time and select Mic. You can move the PIP box before encoding to WMV.
  3. Open MS Live Movie Maker (free). Make any edits, add titles, music, etc.
  4. Upload to Youtube from Movie Maker.



Hey William,
Nice project! And to Gus, nice feature! I took a little time off from FEZ (little thing called a wedding), but I’m back active now, and this is something that’ll be really useful for my upcoming projects.
First up: Fire up my old xmodem code and turn my fez into a psuedo-usb stick :slight_smile:
thanks again guys!


Congratulations on the wedding Matt :wink:


@ Matt – please post up the xmodem code when you’re done, if you haven’t already–I need to send some files to my Fiz via serial.