FezSpider and Windows Form Using the Honeywell HMC6343 compass

The project is a Windows Form that communicates (using XBee S1) to a FezSpider that has one button and a GHIElectronics.XBee module. The Honeywell HMC6343 compass and I2C pullup resistors (10K to 3.3Volts) are located on a GHIElectronics DuinoProto board. I am using Microsoft C# Express.

The complete source code is available at: http://hmc6343project.codeplex.com/

Be advised that the code I downloaded to Codeplex was missing the source code for the User Controls
ClassRotator and ClassSerial
. Windows Form folder FezSpiderFormHMC6343.

Codeplex now has the corrected Zip.

Sorry for the error on my part.

Cool, I think the quad copter guys around here are going to find that usefull.
There is a community project going on on this forum to create a driver for the xbee that will make using xbees really easy. http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/21/5553/

Nice looking UI. Thanks for sharing! Curious why you picked this particular compass. Because you already had it and the NETMF code, or maybe it has better specs than the Seed module (which is out of stock currently)?

Curious why you picked this particular compass…

As you mentioned… I already had it. And I had no code to work with but I found the following that provided a good base to work from. Also, I had similar code I made for using with a Netduino.


I should have mentioned this in my original post. I should have also mentioned something about the Windows Form. Only one picture is allowed so I could not show all the different panels that are used to input data to the user controls. The panels are layered and pop up when requested.

You have to be careful when modifing the form in the designer. When moving the panels they can get lost and very hard to find. Not sure is that makes any sense but I’ll just say if a panel gets out of proper order it disappears.