FEZRaptor Questions

I am trying to track down a problem I have with one of my applications

***** ASSERT ***** received as soon as the program begins.
I receive the assert as soon as I step (F11) past
public static void Main()

It must be related to something in my code because I do not receive the assert using other applications. If it matters, the application with the error, is using Touch.

The assert does not seem to harm anything. The code runs as I would expect.

Is ASSERT related only to the LCD (Using a T35) or are there other things that cause it?
(Sorry, but I have no idea what assert is telling me)

Not really an issue to me (for the moment) but I would sure like to know what is causing it. The code is rather large so sort of hard to track down.

Using a USB Hub 2.5Amp power supply.
Using WINusb
Using VS2010 and 2012 same problem.

I will try adding my Power output for the LCD (Just thought of it while typing this)

Have a GREAT day!

UPDATE: Power output module did not help.

@ andre.m -

i saw that many times on G400D

And I on G400D and my Spider…

Thanks for your reply… I’ll keep working on it.