FEZmini USB Host Function

I want to use the FEZmini USB Host Function… as I understand;
#1) I connect the “Mode” pin to Ground on the SD headers: (to activate Serial Debuging)
#2) Connect the USB to Serial device to serial port; (Rx to Tx, Tx to RX, and Ground to Ground right?)
#3) make the modified USB cable that powers from a 5V source; see link:

and thats it right?

One more Question: if I want to use the “RTS” and “CTS” in COM2 on FEZmini; Do I just connect;
RX to Tx, Tx to Rx, Ground to Ground, RTS to RST, CTS to CTS, and I dont have to connect the 3.3v form the USB to Serial device… right? are the connections right?


Please do not mix questions in one post.

Yes you can use host on mini if followed the instruction posted for panda

The handshaking pins are enabled and used only if you enable hardware handshaking in software.

[quote]The handshaking pins are enabled and used only if you enable hardware handshaking in software.

Ah …ok Thanks Gus… :slight_smile:

Also, you must connect RTS to CTS, no?


Out of curiousity, what are you going to use it for? I’m going to do the bluetooth adaptor for that PS3 remote for the FEZ Mini Robot…

@ twkisner… I like the FEZmini for its small size yet powerfull features… I need the USB host to drive several USB components like servo controllers;
trying to make one of those animated robots (TeddyRoxspin…type)

Maybe you know something I don’t ( not hard w/ me ;D ), but why woudn’t you use serial to control a servo controller board? I’m not sure I’ve seen one that does USB but not serial.

Maybe I’ll use the serial for servo control… still looking around for parts,design, and the features I need for the toy, but USB seems like a universal plug and play thing. Here’s some servo boards I was looking at; [url]http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1356[/url] there are several sizes, and comes with .NET C# SDK samples, and I think theres code in the TinyCLR.com page… I’m still testing, writing code, and all that fun stuff.

Is possible to install a windows driver for a specific USB device, and use the board as a USB Host for after this installed and working intall (or make modifications) in original C# program ?

Let me explain better: I already have a program in C# that runs in windows plataform to comunicate with a usb device and i want to port this to FEz Panda / other boards for use instead a PC.



You can not run windows drivers on these boards.

back to this subject: but if i need to use a webcam ? is possible to put its driver ?



Webcams do work on larger devices. See cobra or spider.