FEZHydraMainboardUpdater doesn't work

Ok, it might have been asked before, but I can’t find the thread.

I’m running the FEZHydraMainboardUpdater.exe from the latest SDK (http://www.ghielectronics.com/support/dotnet-micro-framework Sep 14 2012).
and I’m getting the error as in attached image.

Anyone had this before and knows a fix?

Thank you!

The problem seems worse then that: not all project types I previously had show up in the “New project” wizard.

There is something wrong with the latest GHI installer. I already uninstalled everything from GHI and Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.2 QFE2 SDK and reinstalled everything, still the same.

@ WouterH - and in my case gadgeteer projects don’t work until you remove gageteer reference and readd

We recently split the package up into two parts, the 4.2 package and the Optional 4.1 package. The templates that you are looking for in your second post are in the 4.1 package right below the “main package”. It is possible that the firmware updater you are using is trying to find the 4.1 directory that doesn’t currently exist on your machine. Try installing the second package, and let us know if you still have the problem.

Thank you Steven, it fixed the Hydra Updater and added the missing templates.

Seems like the “Optional” package isn’t that optional after all :wink: