FezFeather.Bricked == true?

Sooo… I got some basic tests going, I figured I should solder headers on it and do some (more) fun stuff with it.

Afterwards when I plugged it to the PC, the Chg led blinked rapidly. I unplugged and replugged and it no longer is doing that. However now the user led comes on startup, goes off. The led near by the antenna blinks periodically.

The board is not recognized by Visual Studio or the TinyCLR Config tool. There are no solder bridges, that I can see, and I don’t smell the magic smoke.

Did I brick it somehow? Bad cable - though it worked ok before the soldering?

Update – I’ve been trying to plug/unplug it; now the CHG led is staying lit up, despite no battery connected.
Update 2 – The state of the CHG led keeps randomly changing – from solid on, to blinking to off ; all without restarting the device.

Does the PC recognizes the board when you unplug/plug it, in Device Manager you should see a USB device call SC20100?

The CHG led is worrisome. I would recommend booting with LDR pressed and seeing if TinyCLR Config recognizes it then. If it does, then Erase->Erase All and re-flash the firmware. Then reboot and try to flash your app.

If you can’t connect in LDR mode (and there is no GHI serial port in Device manager), then the device is probably fried.

Make sure you only have one device attached at a time. I filed a bug recently where if you have more than one SC20100 attached, TinyCLR Config won’t recognize any of them.