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FEZDomino - Available resources during runtime?


Hi all,

I am evaluating the FEZDomino Board. Great product! USBCLient is very very good and is working fine!
I would like to ask all a question.

After deploying a new program on the board, is there a way to know how many resources the FEZDomino is using? E.g. is there a software that works like the Windows Task Manager and tell me how the FEZDomino is working? This could be a very useful solution to know if my program has memory leak or if the FEZDomino is going out of resources…

Thank you all for your help!



Glad you like your FEZ

On a NETMF system, all you are running is your application and nothing else so there is usually no need to get such info like you have in multi-process-windows



tank you for your quick reply!!!

Ok, very clear. But…
Suppose for an instance I develop a program that is doing a request to a Web Service.
Suppose that the web service returns to the FEZDomino application a very big answer (a big XML file).
Will the FEZDomino be able to handle it?
What limits the FEZDomino developer has to implement to assure that the FEZDomino will never run out of resources?



  1. Proper GarbageCollection
  2. Buffering (where possible)
  3. Trap for OutOfMemory exceptions
  4. Trap unhandled exceptions


What is “big XML” file? Is it 1KB? 10KB 100K…10MB :slight_smile:

“big” means a lot of thigns to different applications.

You can get the free memory size using

free_mem = Debug.GC(..);

I think this is what you need anyways


Thank you very much for your suggests.

I will apply what Skeworks suggested.

Yes, Debug.GC is what I was searching for…
The problem with the XML is that I cannot know its size: it contains a lists of objects that can be different day by day; its size could reach 5Mb.

But I think I can use a buffer…

Thank you again.



Is there an xml reader on netmf? Read as you go instead of reading whole thing first?