FEZDA (aka Wally)

Here’s my starter project. I named it “FEZDA” as in FEZ Desktop Application :wink: A little one looked at it and said “it looks like Wally” thus the aka Wally.

This is the first h/w version, pretty much in prototype form. I will clean it up and later on - maybe I’ll try some plexi, inspired by Foekie. The code still needs lots of tweaking.

Looking nice!
Plexi is a great idea. But painting this chassis might do too.
You might want to change that wooden sensor bracket to plexi. Looks nicer.

Also, I would recommend to mount the distance sensors more down (obstacle avoidance)

Looking nice, is it running 6v or 9v?

As soon as my lipos (finally) arrive, I will dig up mine too.
Keep us posted!

You are missing one thing! The robot should say “Wally”. Take advantage of FEZ’s audio playback feature :wink:

Using the Tamiya grey plastic boards was to help me prototype, which is why I used wood dowels. The plan is to make it look more sleek later on - and to add another sensor, like a ultrasonic in front.

Yeah this was just a quick proto mount to see if I liked the angle of the sensors. I think I may want to try to make them a bit more closer together to get better detection in front, rather than off to the sides.

At first I had the sensors mounted in the middle, between the component shield and the motor driver. So I mounted them higher so the JST cables wouldn’t be in the way. I do plan to mount them lower, as it has run into obstacles that were lower than the beams.

It’s about 9v. The battery pack (which will be replaced by a LiPo as well) is from an out of use 18v cordless drill battery pack of mine that fell and cracked open. Inside were 15 cells - so I took 7 of them to use here.

I like that idea … how do I go about doing that without doing the MP3 extension?. Was audio playback added to the new firmware?

I could certainly store sounds on the SD. In this bot, I’m logging my sensor readings to the micro. Then I have a WPF app on my PC that I can import the file and I view the info in graphs and in lists.

You don’t need MP3 extension. Take a look at this project that uses audio output feature:

Thanks… I may be adding that to my project.

I just need to working in a smallish battery powered speaker.

To accommodate all of this, I may need to make it actually resemble Wall-e, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Then I have an excuse to work in some servos for the eyes :smiley:

Thank you for your info, I will be following your thread 8)


I will post code if requested.

Or if anyone wants to review I would appreciate that as well.

Always enjoy looking at robot code :>

Should I zip it or just post in here with



Make a Wiki Projects page and add the code there.

I would like to look at it myself, I think it’s cool.

I wouldn’t be able to give feedback because I am still learning, but the more cool projects I get to look at the more I learn.

Mike in MN

Here’s my project page

Feel free to edit and correct. Let me know if all is ok.

Have you had any issues with the IR sensors being so close together? I think Mark and I talked about that briefly…

Not that I know of.

They are each mounted at about 11.25 degrees. To get them to that, I took a piece of 8.5 & 11 paper and folded it in half, then folded a top corner down (45), folded that in half (23.5) and then again (11.25), and marked my block of wood with that.

It seems to be fairly reliable, but that’s more likely due to me using his library ;D

In the 3rd video above, at around 0:24 in, you can see IR light against the wall. From that, granted it’s only a couple seconds in duration and the quality isn’t the best, you can see the width of the beams.

I was planning on playing with the sensors - like putting a washer or two on the outside screw of each to push them slightly inwards.

Am I the only one that when things seem to be running good and smoothly, you change it up to see what happens?

Well I flipped my drivetrain around to see how it compared to the original configuration.

It seems to turn more like (not exactly) a universal wheel with this configuration. I’m guessing that floor contact points are closer together so it would turn on tighter radius.

At this point, I’m liking the more typical tank-like config better, but I am planning on still tinkering with this layout. With it this way, I like that I can lower the top platform a bit.