FEZ+Xbee can do the multihop WSN?

My application is wireless sensor networks. Can the FEZ+Xbee do the multi-hop? It is very important for me.
For my application, which hardware is suitable?
Now, I have USBiz , ChipworkX Development System and Robot kit.
Any suggestions?


Looking at the FEZ+Xbee component you would have found that it is an adapter. You can plug in the whatever xbee module you choose, including multi-hop.

There is no driver for the xbee modules. You talk to the module via a serial comm port, which is supported on the ChipworkX and mini which is in the robot kit. I am not familar witth the USBwiz.

Knowing nothing more about your application makes it very hard to assist you in the choice of a GHI device. Is memory size an issue? Is processing speed an issue? etc.

The module you use must be able to support mesh networking. If so then yea. The Fez Domino has a shield to connect xbee modules.