FEZ Ultimate Kit with the .NET & Internet of Things PDF

Hi All,

I’m going through the .NET & Internet of Things PDF file with my FEZ Ultimate Kit (FEZ Panda II) and I got stuck on Chapter 6: “UDP Transceive data with PC”.

I went into IPCONFIG to get my IP address and I also used the Physical Address for my MAC Address (is that right?)

However, neither side (Fez app nor console app) can read from the other side. That is, outside the while(mySocket.Poll(200000, SelecteMode.SelectRead)) loop, I output “Can’t Read” and that’s all I’m getting.

I created a separate project for the Fez side and the Console side and start one and then the other. Was that the right way to do it?


Your switch’s firewall maybe blocking it.

Please forgive my ignorance…

I’m using a NetGear Wireless Router and I’m inside the settings right now and there’s nothing about a firewall in there.

Is that mac address in the code supposed to be the mac address for the PC I’m trying to communicate with (inside my local network, connected to the router), or is that supposed to be the mac address pointing to the router?


It has to be unique MAC address. Take your PC MAC increment it and assign it to Fez

I am now setting the IP address and MAC address of the FEZ Panda II device to unique values.

I went to the Windows 7 Firewall and saw my inbound consoleapplication.vshost.exe is enable and the action is allowed. I saw no corresponding outbout setting, but I’m not fluent networking, and it looks like that’s what is biting me right now. Would that be a fair statement?

Something happened to my wireless router, the wired connections no longer work and that may have been the problem.

I ended up buying a new wireless router and a separate switch for my PC and Fez device.

Everything now works great.

Thanks again all!!!