FEZ Ultimate Kit - Remote Control

I’ve just received my FEZ Ultimate Kit from Miloush yesterday (works great indeed)

One question:

There is a Remote Control included in the pack but nothing is mentioned in the ebook.

So, could you tell me what is it for ?


You can use it with the IR receiver included in the kit.

[quote]38Khz Infrared Receiver
This component is used to detect infrared signals of 38kHz carrier. The sensor output is
logical high when it detects 38kHz frequency, otherwise the output is low. It can be used
to detect the signal sent by the ER-4 Easy Remote (not included) or most TV remotes.[/quote]

As found here:

For help with the IR receiver check out the receiver’s brochure:

And this are the drivers for FEZ:

Good luck :slight_smile:

The problem with the remote is that it is programmable to different formats! This is good for TVs but in our case, how do you know what format the remote is set to? So, GHI couldn’t provide one simple example.

This should be easy for you to cover, use pinCapture and read the remote then analyze the data. Or use a scope if you have one.

This sparkfun code covers one of the formats http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/General/Cheapo_IR_Control.pde

ok thanks

I guess GHI could have at least provide one sample because, in the Ultimate Kit, as you provide the remote, there is nothing really said about it in the document.

Of course, pinCapture will work.

If I well understand, the remote you provide in the kit is “mainly” for testing the IR receiver and understand how it works…

It could have been “good” to provide a real sample where pressing VolUp button will have been displayed on the Panda II… I may say that to me, I consider it as a lack.

I do not think you understand what I mean. This “one example” may not necessarily work unless you program your remote to the same protocol or it happened that your remote was luckily programmed with same protocol.