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i’m planning to buy FEZ Touch… whether FEZ Touch is Arduino-compatible shield? since i’m already having netduino plus, whether it will work with netduino?


FEZ Touch has different connector. You will need to do some wiring, but it will work with Arduino and Netduino. Although you will not get the same performance benefits as with genuine fez board like Panda II.


This display will run fast on FEZ but not on netduino because you need parallel port drivers. It will be way too slow, over a minute to render the screen! Of course you can add the parallel port drivers to netduino and build the firmware if you know how. Note that the display needs about 12 wires to work so you will be using about all IOs you have on netduino to run the display.

On FEZ Panda II, the display is plug-and-play. There is no need to wire anything plus the display uses the extra pins so you still have ALL the “shield pins” all free for your shields.


The FEZ Touch brochure mentions a Windows-based image converter tool. Where will I find this tool?



Inside zip


Ah. Thanks! I didn’t even see the ZIP link when I looked there before!


Hi, just out of curiosity:
Into what “image-format” is this tool converting images to?


To a simple short array of pixels


Dear Gus,


I got a new FEZ Touch and it works good. I was just wondering what this converter does to my icons…
Initially I didn’t see the source code of the Image Converter that comes with the example. :-[



Have you looked here?

BTW, have you seen this


Yes, I’ve been using the driver from the first ULR…

But wow! The library of the second URL is impressive.
I really have to take a look on that! Thanks.