Fez touch examples cannot be opened

H i guys i’m having a problem with the examples of fez touch but my visual studio ultimate cannot open it_ This is what it tells me C:\Users…\Downloads\216_216_FEZ_Touch\FEZ Touch\FEZ Touch Example\FEZ Touch Example\FEZ Touch Example.csproj : error : The project file ‘C:\Users…\Downloads\216_216_FEZ_Touch\FEZ Touch\FEZ Touch Example\FEZ Touch Example\FEZ Touch Example.csproj’ cannot be opened.

The project type is not supported by this installation.

so don’t bother. The “example.cs” in the earlier portion of the file you downloaded is the application code, and the source.cs is the driver source. Create a new project and add the driver source, then copy in the text from the example into your program.cs and you should be done.

See the “216” in your file path? That means it was code submission 216, so was probably written for the SDKs that worked with VS2008!

Hi brett,

thx for the response ! Do you know any site where i could learn the basic of visual studio like how to add a driver source … thx

@ tomoya7 - If you are adding the driver’s source, then you would add the project file to the solution by right clicking on the root of the solution in Solution Explorer, and click Add Existing Project.

If you would rather add the driver itself, you would right click on the References folder and click Add. From here, you can select the driver from an auto-populated list or browse for it on disk.

You could go to Google and type “visual studio tutorial”.