Fez touch driver and bitmaps for Panda II

I want to build a native NETMF driver for the ILI9325 LCD screen on the Panda II board and at the same time enable the touch driver and bitmap functionality.

So first question, can I build the driver(s) and deploy without having to replace the current firmware? I only want to add the drivers that are needed for the Fez touch board.

Based on the code, already in the porting kit, and other existing code, it should be easy to build the driver.

Would changing the bitmap support flags be the only change needed to enable bitmap support or is there some more work required?

Where can I find some simple instructions to start with and what will I need in terms of header files and libraries?

Working on porting kit is not a small task. If you want to start small. try to create the driver in RLP first.

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The reason bitmap is not in the USBizi port today is the amount of memory available. GHI made that call a long time ago, and I suspect they knew they’d not be able to hold much of a bitmap in memory if they enabled this. I would say the same as Architect, you should just look at RLPing the driver in the first instance.

And from what I understand, if you delve into your own port then you need to replace the existing firmware. So that means you would lose the GHI features. The only way to do that would be using the JTAG and there’s no going back without sending it to GHI (there may not even be a way forward without GHI, I can’t be sure)

In place of bitmaps Skewworks Spiral has tinybmps and can save images to regular bumps and stream bmps from SD to screen if that helps