FEZ Tinkerer with Panda II and Connect Shield

I am planning on using the FEZ Tinkerer kit with a Panda II and a Connect Shield mounted as in this picture, but I’m worried that the Connect Shield or Panda II will get too hot. My external power supply will be 7.5 volts.

Anyone have experience with this setup?

Is it going to be inside a charcoal grill? :wink: I’ve yet to do anything with a Panda that would make it hot. Unless it’s going to be in a tight enclosure, I doubt you’ll have any issues.

Thanks Ian for the quick response. I was worried because I had read reports on this forum that the chip in the Connect board gets hot, and it will be right next to the Panda II in an enclosed box without ventilation.

Of course, I would monitor it for awhile and add some holes to your enclosure if ends up needing them.