FEZ Tinkerer are going out as gifts to some members

We have six very powerful FEZ members with a lot of passion and ideas. Unfortunately, only 3 boards are left.

So, MarkH + Chris + Rajesh get the kits right away, thanks Guys :slight_smile:

Sam already received a gift today so lets leave the gifts to others, sorry Sam :frowning:

Foekie + Geir will still receive a free kit but not today. We will get you the kit once we have the next batch of board come in couple weeks.

Congratulations guys and we look forward to see some video and pictures of your creation.

As explained in the offer, those are free kits but shipping is not. Please contact us to pay for shipping, or an easier option will be to place an order for anything off this website and put something in the comments indicating that you have won this kit.

For everyone else, the Kit is now available for pre-order for a very low price, only $49.95, so get yours right away :slight_smile:

That is great Gus. I have no problem waiting for it as I have lots and lots to learn before I can start my project.
The FEZ lineup and the GHI crew amaze me time and time again.

I don’t know until today that I’m going to get a gift.
And I’m glad that you did give the kits to other who’s really deserve it!:wink:
So, no regret to me either.

the guys at GHI continue to put so much into this community, well done !

You defiantly deserve it, you got a bigger gift :slight_smile:

Congrats guys. Order placed on the kit.

Thanks Gus and team,everytime you surprise us again!

I believe the 3 persons getting it right away will blow us away with their projects! ;D

Geir and I will wait a bit then, we can think of all the cool stuff we are going to create,aren’t we, Geir?! ;D

Fantastic guys, you have done it again. thank you very very much! :clap:

Woohoo, thanks guys!

I will contact you about shipping right away…

EDIT: Does the kit come with the proper headers for the XBee socket?

No since you can just solder the xbee on the board…I still recommend you use the header

Yeah, ok, that’s what I expected.

I placed an order for a strip of headers with a note that I won. Thanks!

We included plenty of headers with the kit but the Xbee headers (2mm female) are not included nor we have them for sale on this website.

No problem, I just included them from SFE.

Too bad that the servo headers aren’t wired up right, though. Guess I could try cutting the traces or something.

Ah awesome, Chris had to tell me i’d won, i didn’t notice haha.

I guess i’ll have to figure out something to order :slight_smile:

Congrats to all of you who won, please keep sharing your code and projects for us “newbies”.

I don’t have time to make the pre-order today, but I am definitely going to order one of these guys. (Have no idea what I will do with it, but it’s cool none the less).

It will fit right next to my 2 pandas I have (that I got at the special pre-order price… :D)

Mike in MN

If you were one of the lucky ones to receive the FEZ Tinkerer kits please contact us by friday the 16th to discuss shipping.

If you don’t we sadly have to pass the kits to another lucky person.

With panic in my eyes :wink:
I just sent Gus an email with my address and some questions. Hope that is OK Robert.

Well, Geir, it’s before Friday the 16th, so I think your OK :slight_smile:

Gus, did you get my order? I ordered some headers and put in the note that I won the contest…

Chris: Better safe than sorry :wink:

Got it chris