FEZ Stick time

Just came off the line and we are ready for testing.


I don’t have them yet :d.

Looking good - what is the size of the board ?

each hole is 0.1" so about 2 inches long.

Yes please :cowboy_hat_face:

This should give you an idea of the size (I get about 5.17 x 2.56 cm, so about an inch high):


Glad your using proper units :blush:


I’m old enough to remember 1975 when we attempted a move to metric. Even as a child I thought it was ridiculous we couldn’t manage to make the switch. Just change everything to metric and people will get used to it in no time – but I guess it’s just too tough for us 'Muricans.


I’d be happy to test for you!!

I love the combo of through-hole and stamp form factor! Is it completely flat on the underside? USB-C connector?

Yes and yes!

Mike - after 2 years :slight_smile:

Please can I get a gpio count or better yet pinout description on this stick and the feather modules?

the stick and feather are single board computers which use modules.

Once you determine which module the SBC uses, go here for module counts https://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/sitcore/som.html

Also check schematic to see which pins are exposed on SBC.

Good call. Here is the compare table but we do not have GPIO cont. We will add that https://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/sitcore/sbc.html

You can see the schematics there and count GPIOs for now.

Basically what Mike said :slight_smile:

Sorry, maybe I do not fully understand or didn’t use the correct product descriptions.
What I wanted to ask was there appears to be 2 products called, FEZ Stick, and FEZ Feather, shown in the link Gus provided…

There i can see these appear to be pre made/pre laid out boards utilizing what i would imagine will be a SITCore IC or module, each with silk screen that notes the module pin it is connected to.

At casual observance, those dont appear to me large enough to hold a full module, so then would these only use the smaller SCM20100E ?
And if so, should i assume each and every available pin will be mapped to one of the board pin pads?

Then i suppose i could estimate what is available on those FEZ products, correct?

Edit: ok i see the schematics now, though still im not familiar enough with the hardware to quickly determine a gpio count, I haven’t found the spec sheet.

Basically i want to be able to quickly determine what digital io is available and what configurations they support

The following url tells what module/chip is used for each board. https://www.ghielectronics.com/sitcore/sbc/

I would not assume every pin is exposed. Check the schematics.

SOC uses * Cortex M7 480MHz core processor. You can find the datasheet which will have all the info you need.

Have do you need for your project?

Yes roughly 22 digital io, with various combinations of internal pull-up and N channel open drain output capabilitiy. While still having pins available for an spi channel.

Ok I see what I need to do. Thanks.
So when can I buy at retail?

Mid this year

The number of input interrupts can also be a limitation.


Input events use interrupts (IRQs). Interrupts are only available on 16 pins at any given time. Of those 16 pins, the pin number must be unique. For example: PA1 and PB1 cannot both be used as interrupts at the same time. However, PA1 and PB2, or even PA1 and PA2, can be used simultaneously with interrupts.