Fez Stick SPI SD Card reader/writer

Does anyone have an example code snippet for mounting a SPI SD card reader on the Fez Stick?

You mean wiring one or code?

A written example would be helpful :slight_smile:

for code


For wiring, use any of the other boards with SD cards to see how the connections go. https://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/sitcore/sbc.html

Everything is on docs but we are here to help.

I just realized you said SPI. We do not support SD SPI today. We only support the full 4bit SDIO interface. We plan on adding SPI SD in the future for SC13 (C# implementation) but why would you want to sue SPI on SC20 if it gives you the full 4bit interface?

Its because we already have SPI based card readers so not to create waste we wish to reuse. Might be worth supporting as I’m sure if people have already invested in existing break out boards or modules would be nice to reuse other wise the cost increase on a project if we have to re buy everything. Would be handy for some simple examples :slight_smile: